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Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for Anomaly Consulting Group, LLC. and it is referred in this policy as (“ACG”).

Here at Anomaly Consulting Group we truly value your privacy. Our team have created a privacy policy that covers how we collect, disclose, use, transfer and store personal information. We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. Any information that is shared by requesting additional information through this website or any other affiliates of ACG will be treated in accordance to this Privacy Policy.

Anomaly Consulting Group may reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy as necessary. Visitors, clients, and those interested in the services of Anomaly Consulting Group will be informed about the information we collect and how we use it, and those changes will be stated on here. This site may contain links to other sites that are not affiliated with ACG. These third party sites are not protected by our Policy, as these third parties have their own privacy policies. We highly encourage you to review those policies and we take no responsibility for their privacy policies.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Any such user that browse our website for means to acquire information, consultation, and or any other inquiry of services offered by ACG; gives consent and agrees to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

ACG collects information that you decide to share with us. For example, on our Contact Us page we have a basic information that you can provide to us; which include but not limited to: names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, demographic information, and areas of interests/concerns.

The use of your personal information will depend on the use of the Site and personal information that you provided. We will use this information for our general interest and our mission, to provide every client, whether they be a potential, new or existing the best possible services and products. This includes:

  • Informing you about new services, products and updates that may be of interest to you, including events, publications or any other information that be relevant to your concern or passion
  • Fine-tuning our clients and visitors experience at our Site with information relating to their goals, passions and interests
  • Measuring and improving marketing plans to increase visitors, potential clients and opportunities to include current and past clients reviews
  • Tracking and understanding the Site’s user population, identifying the various subject areas of interest, and determining the Site capability to work with different computer systems and browsers
  • Improving navigation tools and web content to provide users quick access to information and services

Your consent, grants us the permission to process any personal information; in such an example as a means for contacting you regarding a consultation of creating a business. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. In compliance with legal obligation, your personal information may be subject to anti-fraud and anti-money laundering measures and including tax and security requirements.

ACG will not sell, share or make available your personal information any third parties. The only exception includes third parties who will perform services on our behalf and would need additional information that is relevant to the services requested. The information that will be processed to this or any third parties will be limited to the scope of what is permitted by ACG. In the event of intellectual property matters including but not limited to copyright or proprietary allegations of infringement, if binded by a court order or any legal actions thereafter ACG may disclose your contact information if any issue arising to these matters are based on stipulation of initial provided information.

We will keep your information for as long as the services are fulfilled or it is outlined in the agreement that would be sign between our clients and us. We do reserve the right to terminate this information in the event of cancellation of services and or the written consent of our clients. Personal information may be kept a longer duration if it becomes subject to a legal claim, or on the topic of future litigation.

If you prefer not to receive emails or any other communication from us in any form you are obligated to unsubscribe from such communications by emailing us directly to remove you from our listserv. In the future, we will allow users to choose which promotional advertisement, news, publications or any other related information they wish to continue to or discontinue receiving.

As mentioned above, we only share your parties with third parties who will perform services on our behalf and also assists in providing the performance of our Site. However, we may share your personal information to third parties listed below:

  • Law enforcement authorities in the event of a legal issue or summoned by a court order
  • We may at times ask to use our clients website and or reviews for marketing purposes.
  • Third party service providers that process information to assist with business operations that may include IT services and front and back end development for website enhancements and interactive capabilities

ACG is a company that opens business from local, national and international levels. Third parties that may live in foreign countries may be subjected to your personal information in compliance with your country laws and regulations for individuals seeking services in countries abroad. This Site is accessible to anyone in the world and who has access to the World Wide Web and a number of countries may not have laws protecting the right to use and transfer personal information.

ACG notifies our visitors of the Site and clients that we may use cookies and in communications resources to keep track of your visit to the Site. We would like to inform you that a “cookie” is defined as a small piece of data that a server sends to the user’s web browser and it can also be stored on the computer hard drive. The purpose of cookies is manage each sessions: login information and other information that you may wish for your browser to remember each time you visit or login to your account on the Site. It also allows for user personalization, allowing users to choose their settings and themes. Lastly it allows for tracking, recording and analyzing the user behavior. In simple terms, it keeps memory of the links you click on the Site and saves your information for quicker access to our services each visit.

There are options to be notified about cookies and to monitor/control your interaction with them. Cookies can be removed from your computer by erasing it from your computer hard drive, blocking all cookies in general and or receiving an alert before a cookie is stored on the computer. For more information on cookies and how to take necessary steps for erasing cookies, please visit the following link With your consent, we will store a cookie on your computer or device allowing your computer to remember our Site information for next use. If your device does not accept cookies you may not be able to access our Site to the full extent and get the full experience.

We will be updating our Site now and in the near future. If we decide to use session cookies, persistent cookies and or web analytic cookies you will be informed and this Privacy Policy will reflect those new changes as well.

We are in the process of acquiring the necessary security processes and programs to protect each and every individual identifiable information. This would ensure and minimize the risk of loss, misus, alteration or destruction. ACG will continue to make every effort to protect our visitors, potential clients, past and current clients. However, we cannot guarantee that your identifiable information will not be accessible to unauthorized individuals in the event of a breach of security when information is supplied over the internet or any public computer network.

We comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to privacy acts. We may surrender information to legal authorities if a court subpoena, legal order or any rules or regulations of any nation, state or application jurisdiction is submitted. If there is an violation of the terms of use and conditions surrounding this Site, that may affect any individuals including our affiliates, we may disclose information to the proper authorities.

You have the right to request a copy of your personal information that we have in our possession. If any information is incorrect, you have the right to amend it. This would assist in keeping accurate and updated data pertaining to our clients. In the event that the information is incorrect, please contact immediately so that we could take the necessary procedures to change and update that information.

In  event where there is a complaint and cannot be resolved with ACG, we ask that you contact the necessary supervisory authorities.

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